Created New Rules

In this game, you have the ability to create your own brand new rules by landing on Create a New Rule tiles. Sometimes, you just don't have inspiration to think of something, or would just like to see what other people have done!
Below, you will find a growing collection of New Rules that people have had fun playing with, and submitted!

User Submitted Rules

  • Graham F: In exactly 10 minutes from now, the first person to cross their arms gets 1 Point.
  • Ashley K: After a player rolls to move, everyone must cheer and exclaim, "Yay!" If any players don’t cheer, everyone else yells, "Boo!" at them.
  • Fake R: If you land on the tile right behind the tile someone else is on, you have to give that person a High-Five. If you don't, you lose 1 Point.
  • Trista G: If a 6 is rolled, everyone has to jump up and hug a tree. First to do this gets 1 Point. (Works best outside)
  • Travis R: Once it turns 7:00PM, everyone much put their pointer finger to their ear. Last person to do this loses 1 Point.
  • Devin M: Before you roll, you may exclaim, "Shotgun!" if you thik you're going to land on a tile next to another player. If you do land next to them, you get 1 Point; if you don't, you lose 1 Point.


Email me your new rules that have been fun to play with your friends and family!